Newspapers, magazines & books

Some prisons allow you to set up a newspaper or magazine subscription. however you will need to check with your individual prison as the rules and regulations regarding this can differ. Also, you may be able to drop off books at the prison reception providing that you write their name and prison number on the inner cover.


You are able to send money into a prison but again, rules regarding this depend on the sort of prison and so you are best to check with your individual prison. The most popular and reliable way to send money into a loved one is via the digital cash service. At you simply need to register with your loved ones DOB and prison number and you can send in money using a debit card or online bank transfer - they should receive this money the following day.



A nice alternative to letters is to send cards. We sell cards in our 'merch' section and Jail Mate Cards also sell cards that can be sent directly to the prison. You can buy and send your own cards for occasions such as birthdays but it is not guaranteed these will get in - similarly photos are great to send in but these are not supposed to contain the prisoner themselves and are unlikely to get through if they are considered 'inappropriate'.

Creative ideas

Sending something creative can be a nice surprise for your loved one and is a lovely way of showing how much you are thinking of them. You will find all of our ideas on our creative ideas page - feel free to submit your own ideas too!