Send something different

We have lots of ideas of different things you could send in to your loved one. From letters for them to open when they're in different moods to printable sheets for you to set goals together.

Impress them

Learn something new to impress them with when they're out. Take an interest in football team so you can go to games together in future or take a massage course so they have something to look forward to.

Go on adventures together

Just because your loved one isn't physically there doesn't mean they can't still enjoy your adventures. Put a lock on the love bridge in Paris with your initials on and send them a photo. Write your names in the sand when you're at the beach and send a photo. Not only does this show you were thinking of them and leaves little parts of you all over the place but it'll make them feel like they are part of the adventures you're having on the outside.

Learn together

Learning something together gives you something to keep you both busy and also gives you something to talk about. If you are planning a holiday to Italy when your loved one is out, why not both get books out of the library and learn Italian together?

Create a Playlist

Make a playlist of songs that remind you of them and the times you had together and listen to it whenever you miss them.

Send a voicemail or email

Using a different way of communicating can help to freshen things up a bit. Play a song that will make them think of you in a voicemail to them or just update them about your day in an email so they are always aware of what's going on. Make use of the services available that allow you to communicate. Communication is key.

Watch a film together

Plan to watch a film that is on the main TV channels. They might be watching it on the inside and you on the outside but it's a great way to feel close to each other and gives you something to discuss. It's a date night from a distance.

Use Storybook Dads

If you have kids, Storybook Dads/Mums is a great service that allows the inmate to record themselves reading a bed time story which can then be sent to you for your child.